First Post !


Hi everyone, I’m Jason, a physical therapist. I’m passionate about using different forms of physical therapy to ease various discomfort to our body. Hope to make some friends here and feel free to comment on the articles.

I’m proficient in different forms and physical therapy such as Sports Massage, Tuina, Shiatsu and Spinal Manipulation. However, different forms of physical therapy has their own sets of knowledge and skills set, it requires much practice and some level of experiences with different clients’ conditions.


Recently I have just been back from giving a lesson on Tuina at the Philippines. To be precise, it’s on Acupoints Massage. There has always been a great misconception among the public that physical therapy such as massages, sports massage and Tuina only helps to provide relaxation to the body. In fact it also helps to deal with different functions of our internal organs.

According to the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Points, different acu points actually act as a trigger to either strengthen the functions of our organs or to give it some “rest” if they are working too hard. Acupuncture theory rests on this theory. We follow this theory in Tuina, shiatsu and Acu point Massage.

For example, the acupoint, 心俞穴, lies near the transverse process of the fifth thoracic vertebrate (T5). This is also the point when most people that have heart diseases experience pain.

I have managed to share more information with the students at the Philippines and it has been a great session and experience! I will be sharing and writing more articles related to physical therapy such as Sports Massage and Taping. As this is my first post, it might not be really well written, feel free to give some comments and hope you all like it!